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Our goal at DEBALLI is to provide our clients with access to quality rental units. Many tenants have had problems with a previous landlord and are anxious about how they will be treated. We want your rental experience with DEBALLI to be a good one. Should you have any questions that have not been answered to your satisfaction, please call and ask us!

One of the most valuable DEBALLI resident services is exclusive access to the Client Center here on our website. You can pay rent online, submit maintenance requests, email your Property Supervisor and find answers to frequently asked questions. It’s just one of the ways that we can help make your life a little easier.


Questions Frequently Asked by Renters

There are no upfront fees for DEBALLI to give you information or to show homes to you. Once you decide you would like to lease one of our properties, there is a $60 application fee.

We have homes throughout New Castle and Kent County, giving you many options. Whether you are looking for a home in the suburbs or a place in the city, Deballi Real Estate has you covered.

Our homes and townhomes range from $575 – $3,500 per month.

The majority of our leases are for one year. If you are looking for something shorter than a year, call us to discuss your options.

Most of our homes are pet restricted with owner approval. If you have pets, an additional deposit is required. Due to insurance costs and limitations, DEBALLI is generally is not able to allow the following types of dogs in any of our properties: Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Chow Chows, Doberman Pinchers, German Shepherds, American Staffordshire Terriers, wild dogs such as coyotes, wolves, and dingos, or any dog that has any of the above breeds in their lineage.

There are two steps in the application process. The first step is the online application that allows us to verify background, rental history and credit. This usually takes no more than one business day to obtain results. The second step is the signing of the lease offer. To expedite this process, we have made the rental application available to you online. Once we have final approval … congratulations! You have a new place to call home.

  • Make sure you have completed the online application.
  • Provide the required documents for each party on the lease.
  • Contact your leasing agent to discuss the details for your lease offer, including move-in date, length of lease, whether you have pets, etc.

Generally, you are responsible for the utilities in the home you lease. Please see the details in the individual home listing for any utilities or additional amenities that may be provided.

The security deposit is equal to one month’s rent. Additional deposit for pets will be determined based on how many furry family members you have, and how big they are.

One month of rent, the security deposit, and the deposit for any applicable pet or short term lease fees will all need to be paid in certified or cleared funds prior to you receiving keys for your new home.

Please see the Application and Screening Process section below.

Please see the screening criteria below. If you still have questions, please contact your leasing agent.


Application Information

  • All applications require payment before they can be processed.
  • Application fees are non-refundable.
  • All lease offers are presented for approval.
  • Once you have applied and been approved, your application is valid for any of the homes that we lease.

Application and Screening Process

To qualify for one of our homes you will need to:

  • Have each person 18 years or older submit an individual application. Full time students living with parents at the property do not need to fill out an application.
  • Be able to show that you make three times the amount of the rent in gross salary.
  • Pass our screening criteria for a criminal background check.
  • Pass our screening criteria for acceptable credit.
  • Be able to pay your first full month’s rent and security deposit in certified funds prior to moving in.

The following policies are established to ensure that all prospective applicants processed will be treated equally:

  • Application fees paid are non-refundable.
  • Security deposit is equal to one month’s rent and may not be used or considered as last month’s rent.
  • All approved applications are valid for up to thirty days.
  • All of our properties are non-smoking.

We screen our applicants very carefully. Your application will be processed promptly and we can usually have a decision made within one business day. In order to speed the process along, please be sure we have all the necessary information on your application. Each adult who will live in the property must complete the application. Assuming your application passes the screening criteria, you will be contacted to get all the information needed to fill out the lease offer. If you do not pass, you will receive an adverse action notice through mail. Once your application is accepted you will need to provide the security deposit in certified funds.


We may not allow certain types of dogs that may have violent tendencies if mixed with other dogs. Examples of dogs that may not be allowed are Pit Bulls, Rottweiler’s, Dobermans, and German Shepherds, Huskies, Chows or mixed bread with any of the above. Owners reserve the right to deny any dog, so speak with the leasing agent prior to making application. There may be a limit to the number of pets in one household.


A criminal records report will be run on every applicant. A conviction, guilty plea or no-contest plea for any felony or any misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor involving assault, intimidation, sex related, drug related, property damage, weapons charges, criminal trespass, theft, dishonesty or prostitution will be grounds for denial. Any criminal record activity that could be deemed harmful or threatening to the health and safety of an individual, the rental property, neighborhood or property of others will be grounds for denial. Pending charges or outstanding warrants for any of the above will result in a suspension of the application until charges are resolved. Properties will not be held off market while awaiting resolution of pending charges. Lack of ability to fulfill any of the above qualifications may justify an increase in monthly rent, or disapproval of an application.


Rental scoring treats all applicants consistently and impartially. Many property owners rely upon “Rental Scores” to estimate the relative financial risk of leasing a property to you. In addition to estimating risk, rental scores are an objective and consistent way of reviewing relevant applicant information, and help speed the application approval process. How is my rental score determined? Rental scoring systems assign points to certain factors identified as having a statistical correlation to future financial lease performance.

Your rental score results from an analysis of information found in your credit report, application and previous rental history. Such information may include your bill-paying history, the number and type of accounts you have, collection actions, outstanding debt, income, and the number of inquiries in your consumer report. The final analysis is an estimated level of risk as compared to the performance of other consumers in a range of scores. Because your rental score is based upon real data, it is more reliable than subjective methods of evaluating your information.


Should your application be denied based upon your rental score, you can learn which factors most negatively influenced your score, by contacting the consumer reporting agency listed on the denial form that would be sent to you if your application is denied. Additionally, you can obtain a free copy of your consumer report if you make the request to the consumer-reporting agency within 60 days of the denial.

This information also serves as the Megan’s Law notification. Most states have established mechanisms for the community to access specific information about registered sex offenders. This information may be available via the Internet, a visit to a local law enforcement agency, or by an actual notification to your home or public school. Please contact for assistance in accessing information in your community. In addition, you can go to the nationwide registry area of our state and select your state to access the link to your state’s Internet registry.

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